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what do yu think you 如何让男生对英语感兴趣 ( C )——What do you think of your English teache( C )——What do you think of your English teacher?——I think he is ______,because he always makes the students _____.A.interested;laughB.interesting;laughingC.interesting;laughD.i To climb the mountain often is helpful for you=It is What do you think of your English lesson? This is they first visited to the Great Wall.中,visited后为什么加to (1)"Do you watch TV every night?"he asked Lucy.(改为间接引语)He asked Lucy ___ ___ ___ ___ every night.(2)-Will you ask your brother gor help?-No,I___ do it by myself.A.may B.need C.can D.won't Trust you,trust me,you can make it.这句英语中的"trust you"是要用"you"还是"your",为什么呢?呵呵,可是分只能给一个人,要给谁也真伤脑筋! Lucy asked me what to do next in the following week 怎么改直接引语,为什么这么改 英语翻译 "Do you watch TV every night?"he asked Lucy.间接引语 have a great time 中文意思 he isn't careful enough to do his homework .改为同义句 he is _____to_____his homework Lily is the same age as Lucy.改为同义句.Lucy is ___ ___ ___ Lucy. 迎春花 春天来了,迎春花开了.远远望去,金黄色的小花们组成了一条美丽的“星河”,一阵微风吹过来,它就 Lily is the same age as Lucy.(改为同义句)Lily's age is the ( ) ( ) ( ) 推荐几首经典英文歌.像she这样的曲风 lucy is the same age as you are利用the same +名称 as+某人,造句,请问一下怎么造句 So cheap, what kind of man was he 这句话应该如何翻译.为什么是这样的结构.请认真回答. so I am What kind of man is Shylock in the Merchant of Venice? so Trustme,you can make it u can make it!和u can do it!的区别.rt 第2题 (2.0) 分 Not until Mr.Smith came to China() what kind of a country We often ____(help)Granny Li ____(do)the housework.用动词的正确时态完成句子 Does he often tell the children funny stories about football a:yes he does b:Never c:No,he has only sad stories.d:No,he dosen't want to talk about the things in the past Li Hong often --- (carry) water for Granny Wang. trust me you can make it的意思这个. What do you think?什么意思 超急 Do it you can make it 要准确意思!不是问句,是肯定句!